1-We've been manufacturing monoskis for twenty consecutive years, which is longer than any other company world wide.
2- We pioneered the development of:

a- full wrapped one piece steel edge

b- shaped monoskis

c- twin tipped monoskis

d- capped construction monoskis

e- hybrid carbon / glass stitched fiber quadraxial material

f- the use of woven carbon fiber for a cosmetic top in our Mountain Gun series now copied by others.

g- digitally reproduced custom graphics.

3- Best price for a quality built monoski as we own our facilities, we own our equipment and we are the only legitimate factory direct outlet world wide.
4- Compare our prices especially to the Euro and we have substantial freight discounts to all European and foreign destinations.
5- We use only quality materials and tested manufacturing procedures. As a composites company we are a recognized vendor in aviation, high speed rail and architectural products.
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