Powdershark Monoskis

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Powdershark now comes in five sizes, the 163cm,173cm, 183 cm, 186cm and 198cm. Although the original 200cm version was a
dedicated powder monoski, the new and shorter versions excell in all snow conditions and exhibit superb edge
control. It's a fovorite for many of Alaska's monoskiers who appreciate the refined design and technology
that it represents and the true mastery of its environment.



Length 163cm Length 173cm Length 183cm Length 186cm Length 198cm
Width 23cm shovel Width 23.9cm shovel Width: 25.4cm shovel Width: 23.6cm shovel Width: 23.9cm shovel
Waist 18.3cm Waist 18.7cm Waist: 17.8cm Waist: 17.4cm Waist: 18.9cm
Tail 21.4cm Tail 20.5cm Tail: 20.5cm Tail: 20.0cm Tail: 20.4cm