We remain a Marker dealer after some eight years, with our first choice having been the Marker Comp 16.0 IBC which, unfortunately, has been discontinued. The replacement for that is the Marker Jester Demo Binding with a DIN range from 6 to 16 and a boot sole midpoint and boot sole length adjustment.
It should be noted that all skis, including ours, have a "recommended boot sole midpoint" and that is a start point as everyone has a slightly different style and preference. As an example we shipped a 187 TT Hammer to a long time customer a few years back and after trying it for a couple of runs he called me and very pointedly said…"That's the worse ski you've ever built!" After a short discussion about his boot sole midpoint and adjusting/trying it a couple of more times he called me back with a completely different comment… "That's the best ski you've ever built!" Same day, same mountain, same snow, same ski, same rider… difference in the BMP was a couple of centimeters.


Marker Jester Demo Bindings

These bindings are adjustable for boot sole length and boot sole midpoint.
Price: $349.00 including mounting on a Snowshark Monoski.




Marker Competition 16.0 EPS and 20.0 EPS Bindings

These are a fixed full competition binding with upper DINs of 16.0 and 20.0 respectively.
Price: $399.00 including mounting on a Snowshark Monoski
Picture is of the 16.0 version and the 20.0 is the same other than the higher DIN.