Although Snowshark has increased its production every year for the past five years, we continue to outsell our production. We will do everything possible to package and ship your monoski, and bindings (if ordered) as quickly as possible by one of the following carriers. UPS, Federal Express or US Postal Service. It typically takes a three weeks to process an order, mount bindings, package and ship a monoski.


Email: john@snowshark.com
Telephone: (360)387-4976 Snowshark, Division of RMD Inc.

All Snowshark products are available only on a factory direct basis. All orders are payable at time of order by Master Card, Visa or certified funds prior to shipping.


Canada & US (except AK & HA)

$100.00 (ground) including packaging and handling.

Europe & Asia

Special rates and terms apply for factory direct orders. These will be given with your order and are intended to help the customer with exchange rates, duties and taxes.

All other destinations are by Federal Express and are by quotation only at time of order depending on individual destinations.



All Snowshark Monoskis are warranted for one year from the date of purchase against defects in material and workmanship only. Claims shall be FOB manufacturing address only and do not include freight or handling. Due to the inherent nature of its intended and non-intended use, monoskis are not warranted against breakage, impact damage or damage caused by neglect of any kind. Use if this product has an inherent risk to the user who shall hold Snowshark Monoskis, its representatives, owners, assigns or any others associated with it in any way, blameless for any and all mishaps, injury or death. This warranty shall supercede all other warranties and/or claims either expressed or implied.